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  • The mission of EChO is to assist people in our community with their basic and urgent needs and to help them realize their potential on a path to self-sufficiency.

EChO's Summer Lunch Program is in Full Swing

Lunch food for your school-aged children

Come to the EChO Food Pantry during normal hours to receive additional food each week for your school-aged children.  Each week you will receive enough food to provide lunch for your kids all week including:

Additional milk

Fresh produce

Easy to prepare lunch foods


Comments from parents about the program:

"It has taken the pressure off of me for providing lunch/meals for my son!"

"It helps fill in the gaps and get us through the week with enough!"

"The impact is a blessing when you are a single mom."

"It has been a blessing to have the food planned out for the kids.  Plus it has been great for the kids because they have been able to learn how to fix the items on their own."

"Huge financial help during a tough time." (from a single parent)

"It has helped us a great deal having lunches for our helped a lot money wise."

"It's been great.  Loved the bagged fruit and bars.  Kids could easily grab on the go."

Would you like to help with our Summer Lunch program?

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    2017 NPO of the Year Evergreen Chamber
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